MMW Performance Horses
& Maine Coons

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Some of my favorite things to do are yard work, gardening, antiquing and home renovation.  We have lived here for 17 years and I have put so much of myself into this farm.  From putting down floors, putting up crown molding, laying down tile and so many other things.  I have loved building pergolas and creating landscaping to make the place my own.  This work is something that takes me away from all the cares of the world.  I am often in the yard working with one of my sweet kitties on one project or another or in the colder weather inside working on projects.  My goal over the next few years is to build English Gardens all around the property.  I have a good start on them and now it's up to nature to care for and nurture everything to maturity.  

Another hobby I really enjoy is finding antiques.  Each one holds secrets about the past homes they have lived in and they never fail to fill my mind with wonder about where they have been and who enjoyed them before me.  My mom used to also collect antiques. She had a shop for many years and I have fond memories of working with her to sand and stain them to perfection.  The antiques we finished, along with mom's Manx kitties, gave me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people over the years.  I count myself lucky to have had such hardworking and loving parents.  

Aside from all of that, I am a published author and enjoy writing fiction.  You won't find me under my real name as I have had a couple of scares over the years with people showing up at our home unexpectedly.  I love being creating and have quite the imagination!  

Thanks so much for visiting our site!  I hope you have enjoyed visiting and that you will come back again!  This site is always under construction as there will always be new things to post.