MMW Performance Horses
& Maine Coons

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These pages are being built and have some work to do on them.  I am working on adding all the kitties and all of their medical testing is done or in process.  :)    Everyone asks me about the size of my kitties and how large will their kitty grow to be.  Maine Coons are the largest of the domestic breeds and sizes do vary according to individual DNA and I also believe how you feed and care for them makes a big difference.  My kitties are consistently the larges of both genders at both CFA and TICA cat shows.  I attribute that to to regular worming, flea/tick control, supplements, quality kibble and as much meat as they want to eat every day.  Cats are carnivores and do best on a protein rich meat diet as close to natural as possible.  My cats are very large, healthy and have beautiful coats and skin.  We have 4 magnificent Sires and will add them in the coming weeks.  All have pedigrees that boast champion parents, grandparents, world champion parents and hall of fame parents.  They were chosen from around Europe and the USA for Type, Size, Health, Color and genetics.   

Jason-  Black Silver Mackeral Tabby

He is right around 20 pounds and growing!   He turned a year old in the fall of 2022. He has the sweetest temperament and his kittens are as charming and kind as himself.  He is negative for his Echocardiogram and DNA tests are all negative as well.  Jason is a CFA Champion and almost to his grand champion!  He is also being shown TICA and will have his titles completed there soon!

Jason's DNA tests and Echocardiogram are clear.  

Frosty   Black Silver Mackeral Tabby

Frosty was born May of 2022 and is already 19 pounds at 8 months old!  He is a sweet boy and as handsome as he is sweet!  He has the most beautiful coat and loads of personality.  He has his CFA Championship and working toward his Grand Champion with CFA.  He is working toward his TICA Championships as well!

Frosty is negative for all DNA markers and will have his Echocardiogram when he turns a year old.  Frosty is shown below looking at a lady with cat ears.  He watched her carefully the entire time he was being judged and just couldn't get over her ears.  He knew that something was off with the cat ears on a person.  Everywhere she went his eyes were on her ears haha!  It was hilarious to see his eyes glued to her ears :D

This is Simba aka Ron Pearlman.  He is from a very large bloodline and very rare bloodlines.  He is 21 pounds at 8 months old (shown below) and we think he will reach 25 to 30 pounds.   He is a red classic tabby polydactyl.  He won 10 best of breed his first show !   Can't wait for his kittens after he is done showing!!