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Many years ago I met my first Maine Coon kitty.  His name was Rambo and he was the most wonderful cat I had ever met.  He was a very large brown tabby male that greeted every visitor at the farm where I worked.   In my 20's, I trained horses for a lovely couple who owned apple orchards and raised Peruvian Paso horses.  The couple owned the most charming MC and he immediately struck me as a dog in a cats body with his winsome personality and love of every person he met.  I enjoyed him following me around as I worked the horses and in those years I fell in love with the breed.  Rambo has long since passed away but I made it my mission to one day have one of my very own to cuddle and love.   I purchased my first MC, Fluffy, about 6 years ago and he was just as wonderful as I remembered the breed to be.  I spent those first years with Fluffy trying to figure out if I was going to get into raising Maine Coons or not.  I started out crossing them with my other soul string cat, the Manx.  The sweet, bobtail cat with a huge heart and devoted personality.  As you can see from our reviews on this site they have been a very loved family pet to everyone who has taken one home. 

I grew up with Manx as a child as my mom raised them for many years.  The Manx kitties were our best friends as kids and my siblings and I spent countless hours with our furry companions.  They followed us everywhere as we adventured around our property and explored our neighborhood.   When I look back over the years of my life, the happiest memories were with my Manx and the other wonderful animals in our lives.  My cats and other pets have brought such joy and comfort in the good and difficult years of life.  The times that test our fortitude such as losing loved ones or dealing with tragedies.  So, I won't bore you with all of that but get back to how I decided to cross breeds.   I wanted to be sure raising cats was something  I was devoted to do and crossed my Manx kitties over the span of 3 years.  They have proven to be just as delightful of a cross as I imagined they would be and have brought joy, friendship and fun to many families.  

I decided to go into the Maine Coon purebreds after crossing the breeds and started with babies from breeders who raise World Champion and Supreme Grand Champion kitties known for size, type, exotic colors and temperament.  I wanted to raise kittens that would be an excellent representation of the breed and also make amazing pets for their future families.  I chose kittens with European and Russian lineage and imported several young kitties for my new program.  These kitties had the beautiful "wild" type faces, large bodies and that wonderful personality they are know to have.

Maine Coon are the largest domesticated cats in the world.  Not only are they large, but they are also intelligent and loving kitties that will surely put a smile on any face.  Once you have one you will always want to have one in your home.   I have not found more majestic kitties anywhere in the world.  All of my cats are European and Russian bred even though several of my kitties have been born here in the USA. Everyone who knows me is aware that I only buy the best horses and cats and everything is shown before being considered for raising babies.  I take great pride in my animals and they are an important part of my family.  They are in the house, loved, kissed and cuddled daily and have the very best of care.   Animals are my first love and they are given the very best of care, lots of daily love and their happiness is very important to me.... 

We are going to continue to offer the Maine Coon and Manx mix for the time being but as our mama's retire we will no longer offer any mixed kittens.  The MC MX cross have proven to be amazing pets and have made every single person who has one happy.  They are in loving, forever homes and I enjoy staying in touch with their wonderful families and sharing photos.  One thing I love best about raising kitties (and horses) is the wonderful people I have met along the way.  So many cherished friendships have been created through our farm and I am grateful for each and every person I have the good fortune to get to know.  Thank you all for looking at my fur babies and I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Please text to find out what babies we have available.   Our kittens range from $700 for a regular foot half Maine Coon & Manx, and $800 for a polydactyl Maine Coon & Manx mix.  They are well socialized from the time they open their eyes until they go home with their new families.  These babies are wonderful family pets and have gone home with toddlers and been amazing.  I try and match a kitten to a family and will help guide you in your choice. 

Our purebreds pets are $2500 to  $4500 depending on color, type and other pertinent factors.   These prices are for a quality, healthy kitten that has been extensively socialized through our kitten program and they will be spayed or neutered under the contract.  Just because your kitten is sold as a pet does not meant the s/he is not show quality but they must be altered per the contract.  You may show your Maine Coon and I am happy to get you started and learn the ropes of the show world.  You can show either an altered or unaltered Maine Coon at CFA or TICA shows. 

We will consider selling breeding/show kittens to approved homes that have plans to show and improve the breed before breeding and they are priced at $7000 each.     We raise our babies in our home as family members and they have the best temperaments and personalities. Babies are healthy and receive excellent care from in-utero until they go home with their new family.  Parents are tested negative for diseases and heart/hip certification is also completed by a Cardiologist and Orthopedic.

Our kitties are spoken for quickly.  For the MC Manx cross there is a $200 non-refundable deposit and for the purebreds it is a $500 non-refundable deposit.  We hold the kitten of your choice and they are not shown or offered to anyone else once the deposit is made. 

We also offer a VIP service for a non-refundable deposit of $1000.  This allows you first choice of kittens that are marked available to the public.  You will have the first choice of any kitten that is available and will be the first to see new babies once their eyes are open.  The $1000 will be put towards the purchase price and you are assured to get that special kitten you have been searching to adopt!

All deposits are counted toward the purchase price.  There are contracts for all purebreds and Spay/neuter contracts required for any kitten that is not sold as show/breeding. 

We like to get to know each potential family over the weeks you are waiting for your kitten to reach age to go home with you. We put a great deal of time and love into every baby from the minute they are born to the moment the go off into the world to their new homes.  If you are interested in one of our Maine Coons please tell us about yourself so we can get to know you better.  Why do you want an MC?  Are you prepared to make a 16 to 18 year commitment?  Do you have your own home or proof from landlord that you have been approved to have a pet?  Maine Coons are wonderful pets and bond strongly with their person or family.  We want to ensure that you can provide a loving, long-term home for one of our treasured babies.  Once you have one in your home you will see what all the hype is about.  You are adopting a devoted companion into your home that will bring you years of happiness.

Check out the Reviews on the next page of our website to read the testimonials.   If you are interested in checking on the availability of our beautiful babies please send a text 253-313-3467.   Our kitties have choice of  2 dry foods; Taste of The Wild and Royal Canin (for Maine Coons) as well as canned Tiki Cat (real meat) and Taste Of The Wild canned food.  We also feed meat (chicken, fish or beef) to all the kitties twice to three times every day.  The kitties eat like kings here lol.... They also receive regular vet care and Revolution topical applied each month to ward off fleas, ticks, ear mites and internal parasites.   People often ask "how large will my Maine Coon be when grown"?  This depends on various factors that include genetics, food, and parasite control.  Each kitten is an individual and we never know for sure how a specific kitten will turn out.  One thing we do know is that they are all sweet minded, gentle kitties who love life and bond strongly with their person and families. 

Our kitties have large catios outside attached to our home and can go out and bird watch and play anytime they want to do so.  The catios have small live trees, large cement pads and grass growing in them.  We have a half dozen bird feeders set up 12 feet from the catios and there are always birds there feeding or using the bird bath.  There are also heated cat houses in them that have plush beds in case they want to go outside in colder weather.  Our kitties have lots of love here and are family. 

Below is Jason Statham, our big silver shaded male.  He is shown below getting ready to go to bed with his buddy Splendida aka Splendy.  They do like to sleep in our beds and be part of all of our household activities.  They are intelligent, easy to train to do tricks, walk on a leash and love to travel in RVs or go camping.  They are sweet, gentle natured, and really very easy to care for in your home.  There are no such things as strangers for a Maine Coon and they consider everyone a friend.

This is Frosty shown below.  He is registered with TICA and CFA and from Russian and European lineage.  He is quite a large kitten shown at 4 months old with his first win at CFA.  He is the sweetest baby and loves to be held and kiss us.  He is not for sale and will be a future King.  At his first show he was hugging the judges and melting hearts.  He did very well and will show for his champion in February.  He also was very affectionate and gave hugs to all the strangers who came by our booth to admire our Maine Coons.  All Maine Coons are loving and sweet but this boy has my heart!  He loves to cuddle in bed and is always at my heel.  He is not for sale.  

This is Simba.  He is shown at 2 months old and is quite spectacular in type and size even at this young age!  He is imported from Russia.  He is triple registered in WCA, TICA and CFA.  I am looking forward to showing him both CFA and TICA  He is a red polydactyl with blue eyes.  He is not for sale

This is Sephony.  She is an Amber Classic Tabby and shown at 3 months old.  She will be shown TICA and CFA in 2022/2023.  Her first CFA show was in October 2022 in the kitten class and she did quite well against other MCs!  She will be eligible to compete in Champion classes as an adult in February 2023.   Kitten classes are just for practice.  She is a total sweetheart and loves to be held.  At 4 months old she is larger than a full grown typical house cat!   She is not for sale.

This is Margo- she is still a youngster  and shown at 4 months old.  She was imported from Russia.  She did quite well in her first CFA show in the kitten classes and will show as an adult in both CFA and TICA in 2023. Margo is triple registered and is quite a sizable kitten even at this young age!  She is larger than most house cats even now!  She is not for sale.  Shown with Mike  outside our cat show "tents" at a show :)

This is Avery!  She is a 3 month old kitten and will be shown TICA and CFA 2022/2023.  She was born in the USA but has Russian and European lineage. She is a black smoke tortie color and has quite the personality.... The black smoke kitties typically have black heads and silver/smoky bodies. She is going to change a good deal in her coloring  and type while she grows up.  She is not for sale.

This is Splendita!  She is a black smoke and white and shown at 4 months old.  She did very well at her first CFA show and will be shown champion in February 2023!  She will be shown both registries 2022/2023.  She is such a loving girl and quite large already!  Splendy's color will change as she grows up and she will be quite breathtaking!  She was born in the USA but she is European lineage.  She is not for sale.