MMW Performance Horses
& Main Coons

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Above is Jason Statham our Champion Maine Coon male.  He is the sweetest kitty and loves everyone!  He always loves on the judges at the shows too! Here is a picture of him at the hotel after a busy day of showing and purring for every judge!  

Also another young male below is our silver mackeral tabby Frosty Dolche our 4 month old kitten!  He is already a whopping 9 pounds and took home many first places at his first show!  He is a silver mackeral tabby.  He loved all the people and excitement of the busy show and hugged a few visitors that came to look at all the beautiful felines!

Our Maine Coon kitties will all be shown before they are selected to be parents of future kittens.   These are some photos recent shows with both Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA).  Several of our kitties are also registered with the World Cat Federation (WCF).   This page will always be adding new cat show pictures.  The kitties we are showing this year are shown to Championships for adults and in Kitten classes (4-8 month old kittens but don't be fooled they are huge for their age!) .  During the shows we have a steady stream of visitors coming to look at the gorgeous kitty breeds and they always flock to our Maine Coons.  Our kitties are extremely gentle and loving and we let people hold them and cuddle with them at the show and they literally melt into the visitors arms.