MMW Performance Horses
& Maine Coons

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Above is Jason Statham our Champion Maine Coon male.  He is the sweetest kitty and loves everyone!  He always loves on the judges at the shows too! Here is a picture of him at the hotel after a busy day of showing and purring for every judge!  

Also another young male below is our silver mackeral tabby Frosty who is doing fabulous at the CFA and TICA shows.  At his first adult show (8 months) he was a CFA & TICA champion!   He is now 8 months and already 17 pounds... 

Below are also some of our Quad Grand Champions, Double Grand Champions and one has just made Supreme Grand Champion!  We started with the best kitties we could find around the world, have fed them the quality meat morning and night, Royal Canin dry food and build roomy outdoor catios that they can come and go from as they wish.  This combination of nurturing care has created happy, sweet kitties that stand about among other champions of their and other breeds.   

Our Maine Coon kitties will all be shown before they are selected to be parents of future kittens.   These are some photos recent shows with both Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA).  Several of our kitties are also registered with the World Cat Federation (WCF).   

This page will always be adding new cat show pictures.  The kitties we are showing this year are shown from ages 4 months to adults.  Each one of show age has a minimum of Champion at CFA and TICA .  During the shows we have a steady stream of visitors coming to look at the gorgeous kitty breeds and they always flock to our Maine Coons.  Our kitties are extremely gentle and loving and we let people hold them and cuddle with them at the show and they literally melt into the visitors arms.  Maine Coons are the gentle giants of the cat world.  They are gentle, intelligent and they love their people as dogs do.   This page is in process and I have so much more to add!  Stay tuned to see all of our precious babies.... Every show we collect a lot more awards and I will add them as I have time... 

This is Margo at a TICA show.  She is just 8 months old here and was the youngest in her class.  She was larger than most of the cats and judged as Best in Class among 18 Top show Maine Coons.   She then went on to win "Best Of All Cats" in the final at this show.  She is a spectacular example of a really qualify female MC. She is a sweetheart too.  She is a CFA Champion and a TICA Double Grand Champion and also just starting her career!

This is Splendy.  Not only is she my sweetheart who always makes bisquits on my lap- but she is exquisite.  She won first place at just 8 months old among a class of 18 National and International Champions. This is amazing for a female yet alone one this age!  She will only get better as she grows up.  Maine Coons don't mature for several years but she is already an exquisite, correct example of a "Splendid" Maine Coon of any gender.  She is a CFA Champion and a TICA Champion and just started her show career!

This is our sweet Aziza.  She always wows the judges, Maine Coon breeders from across the USA and the crowds.  She is full of personality and an exceptional MC.  She is always winning and quite perfect in every way.  She is a CFA Champion and a TICA Quad Grand Champion and her career is just starting!  She is a year old here.

This is Jannah.  She is a bold, sweet and playful kitty.  She is a year and 3 months and just before she started her show career last month she snuck in with the male and got pregnant.   She is a CFA champion and will continue to show after her kittens are born and weaned.  She is a huge kitty and the sweetest girl. She loves everyone and like most Maine Coons there are no strangers but only friends!

This is one of my males, Frosty.  He is shown at 8 months old and already weighs a whopping 18 pounds and has a lot of growing to do yet.  He is a CFA Champion and a TICA Champion right as he started to show!  He is the sweetest kitty and loves visitors at the shows.  I let people hold him and he melts into their arms for cuddles with complete strangers.  He loves traveling and hotels as well!  He is shown below finding a good place to nap at the hotel.  I love this kitty so much!  Each and every one is a wonderful companion and treasured family member here.  

Jason Statham is one of our males.  He is a big boy, sweet and gorgeous!  He loves people and seems to enjoy the shows and hotels a lot.  He is gentle and still has a lot of growing to do.  He turned a year old 10/22.  

This is our very sweet Sephony or Sephy as I like to call her.  She is a sweetheart and just 8 months old in these pictures.  She is already a CFA Champion and a TICA Champion.  She has a lot of growing to do and will be spectacular as she matures.  She loves to travel and go to shows.  

This is Simba.  He is shown at 2 months and 6 months old. He is the largest Maine Coon youngster I have ever seen.  He is 16 pounds at 6 months old.   The kitty behind him is 12 pounds to give you an example.  He is not fat but is massive.  He is correct in every way and also a polydactyl.  He is one of the nicest, most correct MC I have ever seen.  He is imported as are many of my other sweethearts.   I cannot wait to show this sweet, sweet boy!