MMW Performance Horses
& Maine Coons

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These are a few of our precious Maine Coons around the house and farm.  I will be adding new pictures regularly!   They are curious and such love bugs..... The female kitten below is just 4 months old and her name is Sephony.   She went to her first show recently to be a moral support for her brother and watch what to goes on when she shows soon!  She especially loved the children that admired her!

The 3 kittens waiting to go into the catio.  Mike is finishing new heated houses out there so they can choose to stay outside once the weather turns.  They have made a mess on the glass pawing at it to let us know they want to play outside!  They are so so sweet and fun...

Sephony aka Sephy loves her vitamins!  She can't wait to eat it right out of the tube!  She wants to be an extra big and beautiful girl when shes all grown up!  

I would love to have some blueberries too!  

We love our chicken and beef 3 times a day!!  The breakfast of champions....   

Frosty (the silver kitten) is just 3 months in the photos below!  Already such a handsome boy and Sephony (the classic tabby female) is exploring the front door area haha.  Sephy is also 4 months in this photo!  She is on her way to be a gentle giant that her breed is famous for being!

This is Avery.  She is a Black Smoke (her head will turn more black) and she is about 7 weeks shown here.  She is such a princess ....

This is Splendidament or Splendy as we call her for short.  She is a few months old in this photo and already about 8 pounds.  She is a Black Smoke and White color.  They all love to follow me around and sit with me when I am working.

Jason at a hotel after a hectic day of showing.  The kitties had their own queen size bed but Jason took half for himself   :)